How to Tell If Your SEO Is Really Working

No SEO company will ever tell you that it is failing to give your business the best results. You might be advised to wait a little longer, as SEO can take some time. But will you be contented to just sit down and wait for the results?

A digital marketing agency that you hired will never be out of challenges. They may have to deal with Google algorithm volatility, the changes brought about by stiff competition, and the complexity of customer behaviors. To help you out, you have to use analytics like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and other tools.

The following are key performance indicators that can provide an insight into whether your marketing strategy is working or not. Will you be able to harvest the fruits of your success in the coming months? You will know that with the indicators below.

Website Traffic

With increased traffic to your website, you already know that your SEO is doing something. There are some procedures that digital marketing experts do to help you rank on top of search engines. By helping your website gain more traffic, the click-through rate is increased, bringing you to the top of search engines.

You must understand that it may be difficult to do that with all the competition out there. It may need lots of diligence and wise judgment to be able to do so. Through Google analytics, you will be able to track the movement of your website traffic.

Time on Page

One thing that can also bring you to the tip of search engines is the time spent by visitors on your website. Do visitors read every page there is on your website? If they do, for how long?  With a top-caliber digital marketing agency, they can help you to make your website more engaging and interesting for clients. They know what information visitors are looking for.

An engaging and informative website also decreases the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the number of times that visitors leave your website without finishing all the pages and the returns to look again for some details. You will know that your SEO is working with an increased rime on page with a decreased bounce rate, and Google analytics can give you the details on this.

Conversion Rate

This must be the thing that you want to see. For sure, you wish that all the efforts of your SEO will soon be converted into sales. But with two above, you may not have to wait long before it happens. Once it does, you will now have to appreciate what the digital marketing agency has done.…