Instruction manual for the catholic directory is an online guide providing information and contact details to Catholic organizations which work in the field of communications, now runing by the Secretariat for Communication from the Holy See.

Created in 2009 as a project of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, it encourages networking and communication between peoples and Catholic institutions from around the world via its easy-to-use 2.0 web platform. As a « wiki », registered users can build and improve the database themselves.

Register today and bring your organization’s data to our database, joining us in our challenge to expand this service by involving an ever-growing number of Catholic communicators in «InterMirifica», the Global Catholic Multimedia Network.

Intermirifica is a Global Catholic Media Network. This site can be used to connect its users to information about media institutions affiliated with the Catholic faith


INTERVIEW. Listen to Msgr. Paul Tighe, who was the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications until 2015,  RealAudioMP3

- Msgr. Paul Tighe explaines in an interview what is and how it works



  • Yuuka
    #1 written by Yuuka 4 years ago

    Catholics are called to egazveline and bring as many people to the faith as possible – beginning with their own families. I like to think of myself as the young man in the fairy tale carrying the golden goose. Every time someone touches the goose or those touching the goose they get “stuck” and can’t let go. That’s my vision of our duty. To bring as many to Christ through the Church as possible by helping them desire the gold that is our faith and then sticking with it. Hopefully, every Catholic will have a long string of folks egazvelined and travelling along with them on the narrow road to heaven. Sadly, many within the Church have sowed the road with rocks and stumbling blocks beginning with many of our bishops and celebrity cafeteria Catholics. It makes our job harder but all the more necessary.

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